Unit4 for Public Services –
helping you deliver efficiency, transparency and service

People are at the heart of what public services organizations exist for – the citizens you serve and your teams of dedicated staff, working to gain the maximum value from available funds to meet their needs. And people are what we’re all about too. We make technology and big data work for you to overcome today’s challenges, giving your people the extra space and clearer insights needed to get more done for your communities.

Your world

Today’s public services organizations don’t just operate against a backdrop of unprecedented change and complexity – you are right in the middle of Major global trends that include:

| Ageing populations | Doing more with less |
| Rising citizen expectations | Governments in transition |
| AI and data management | Avoiding fraudulent payments |
| “The Great Productivity Challenge” | Catching the digital curve |

Your needs

The frontrunners in Public Services are responding to these global trends by applying digital technology to modernize their processes, so that their people can make the most of each day and make better-informed decisions.

And there are very real and immediate effects on the day-to-day ability of your teams to deliver on your objectives, and the specific challenges that you need to address:

| Improve operational efficiency | Empower your employees |
| Deliver transparency and accountability |
| Improve service for your citizens |

Our help

At Unit4, we are dedicated to applying the latest technologies to automate processes, give your users augmented tools and respond to your needs and challenges For Public Services, this includes:

Our cloud Enterprise Resource Planning solution: Unit4 Business World, which supports your back- and front-office processes for managing finances, procurement, projects, HR & payroll, field services & assets, reporting, performance & analytics.

Our Unit4 Prevero corporate performance management and business planning tools, which can be used stand alone or as part of an integrated solution with Business World.

Building customer success

saved with Unit4 Business World in 3 years
managers now benefiting from 24/7, self-service reporting with minimal training needed.
reduction in full-time headcount assigned to purchasing, enabling redeployment to efficiency-generating work
When you add all these savings up, we’re talking about saving what amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and supporting growth needs using resources once spent elsewhere.
– Bev Burnette, Manager, Financial Business Support and Accounts Payable

Meet our Public Services customers

Unit4 helps more than 1,500 public services organizations, worldwide, to improve operational efficiency – including central government offices, local government, healthcare providers, and law enforcement. Meet some of them, including:

Delivering results

IT Europa awards 2018 - winner logo

Public Sector Solution of the Year

From more than 500 entries, Unit4 was announced the winner of “Public Sector Solution of the Year” at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2018. We won this award for our work with the City of Stockholm, providing systems to support its strategy to become one of the most smart and connected cities in the world. Our software supports 14,000 workers managing the City’s finance and procurement activities covering 1.5 million suppliers.

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