Unit4 and Not for Profit –
helping you deliver impact, transparency and accountability

People are at the heart of what not-for-profit organizations (NFPs) and NGOs do – those you aid and all those involved in enabling and delivering that aid. And people are what we’re all about too. We work in long-term close partnership with service-led organizations like yours, to understand your world and what you and your people need, to make the most of each day – so you can efficiently complete what has to be done and stay focused on what truly needs to be done.

Your world

Today’s NFPs and NGOs don’t just operate against a backdrop of unprecedented change and complexity – you are right in the middle of major global trends that include:

Volatility & uncertainty | Complexity & ambiguity | Increased demand for efficiency, transparency & accountability | Decentralization of funding | The “Digital Divide”

Your needs

These trends have very real and immediate effects on the day-to-day ability of your teams to deliver on your objectives, creating specific challenges that you need to address:

Efficiency | Program effectiveness | Maintaining accountability | Program monitoring | Required Flexibility | Transparency | Business Planning | Development of personnel

Our help

At Unit4, we are dedicated to responding to your needs and challenges with the most appropriate IT-driven solutions:

A core ERP platform: Unit4 Business World for finance, project accounting, purchasing, HR & Payroll.

Enriched with business planning tools: Unit4 Prevero, plus solutions for grant management, program management, social impact and logistics.

Building customer success

in expenses saved over 6 years – a 27% reduction
167 days saved
Heifer spends just 15 days on Month-end now; it used to take them 6 months
increase in program impact, resulting in an ability to help over 3 million people per year
Using Unit4 Business World, I – as controller – feel very confident we can easily provide financial reporting in different ways according to our donors’ and users’ requirements. I am also confident that we can respond, very quickly, to a change in our business.
– Jesus Pizarro, VP of Enterprise Accounting

Meet our NFP customers

As a member of ACEVO, and with strong involvement with Inside NGO and NetHope, Unit4 has substantial experience with more than 100 large NGOs and not for profit associations and foundations around the world. Meet some of them, including:

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Delivering results

Enterprise Solution of the Year

From more than 500 entries, Unit4 was announced the winner of “Enterprise Solution of the Year” at the 2017 IT Europa European IT & Software Excellence Awards, based on its successful work with not-for-profit customer Heifer International. These awards focus on the software vendor and distributor community across Europe, recognizing service excellence and best practice in delivering impactful returns for customers.