How can you benefit from the unparalleled need for digital transformation in the service industry? Countless service and government organizations need to transform for their digital future. As a Unit4 Partner, you can deliver a seamless digital experience with people-centric ERP. Focus on higher-value services, help your clients grow, and build a sustained relationship as a trusted strategic advisor in the process.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Get beyond implementation and change requests to deliver higher-value strategic level guidance

Build Lasting Value

Deliver agile ERP solutions and capabilities that grow and change to meet customers’ evolving needs

Drive User Adoption

Offer intuitive, beautiful solutions that employees love to use, including mobile and social-friendly apps

Accept No Compromises

Provide a customized system with core functionality and best-of-breed applications, delivered in a flexible cloud environment

What if… you could become a trusted advisor to service and government organizations?

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People-centric organizations – professional services companies and public sector – are experiencing a rapidly changing landscape. We believe that ERP solutions and capabilities for these organizations should be responsive as customers continuously respond to market, technology and talent shifts.

Without the need for change orders and static module implementations, you’re free to spend time on strategic decisions with your clients. The result? New opportunities to deliver sustained support and build a high-value customer relationship that grows with their business.

Build And Grow Sustained Relationships

Countless service organizations need to adapt to market, technology and talent shifts. They need the right business software that delivers agility and value, without compromising functionality. They want beautiful, intuitive tools that let their employees work smarter and liberate them from lower-value tasks. And they expect their ERP to make their company fully digital: social, mobile, analytics and cloud enabled. As service-centric companies move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud, are you going to make their digital transformation possible?
Deliver a system that evolves with their needs

What if… you could provide higher-value IT services while remaining focused on your core business?

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No organization can succeed in isolation. That’s why Unit4 takes a collaborative approach no matter whether your focus is on Systems Integration, business process outsourcing or ‘as a service’ activities, or you’re a value-added reseller. Our goal is to help you provide higher-value services to your customers in services based organizations and public sectors.

Traditional ERP systems require time for change orders and low-margin programming. Instead, with Unit4 ERP, use that same time and available budgets to provide customers with more capabilities and value based outcomes, and earn opportunities to provide lasting strategic guidance.

Working Smarter

The Unit4 People Platform offers a whole new level of capabilities designed around the needs of people, enabling you to harness the latest advances in key technologies (such as social, mobile, predictive analytics, cloud and big data).

It provides benefits to key Unit4 products, making them intuitive and insightful to use, easy to change and flexible to consume.

Empowering People

Employees and customers are looking for enterprise applications providing a consumer-grade experience.


  • Superior productivity and adoption.
  • Complete digital workplace accessible from any device.
  • Simple access to relevant and complete information.
  • Improved engagement and no digital downgrade at work.

Unit4 has a tradition in creating easy-to-use enterprise applications focused on people.

Embracing Business

Service organizations need integrated business capabilities that address their full needs.


  • Tailored solutions for each role and task.
  • Flexible support for business processes.
  • Productivity through capabilities working seamlessly together.

Unit4 has been delivering business applications to service organizations for over 30 years.

Embedding Digital

Context-driven insights through digital innovations such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Big Data and Machine-Learning.


  • New business insights e.g. better project completion estimates via sentiment analysis of social conversations.
  • Simplified business processes and elimination of manual tasks e.g. prepopulating expense reports via location data of mobile devices and analysis usage patterns.

Unit4 is fully focused on innovation.

Enabling Change

In the digital era, every business needs to react and adapt quickly.


  • Model and remodel data structures and functionality to meet evolving business requirements.
  • Extend-and-Relate™ - instantly join all modules, all reports, and all workflows within Unit4 applications.
  • Customization without IT expertise.

Unit4 provides an enterprise-scale foundation delivering instant value and low TCO!

What if… your ERP offering could grow and change to meet customers’ evolving needs?

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A people-centric ERP solution with Unit4 provides software that changes at the speed of your customer and works the way their people do, with integrated mobile and social-friendly capabilities, analytics, and cloud empowered.

Digital should become their real companion, delivering insights that inform rather than overwhelm. And the software should be easy and intuitive to use in the process. Combined, these capabilities mean you will spend less time coding changes or training employees, and more time delivering strategically valuable services.


Systems Integrator

Where Unit4 software provide the underpinning infrastructure to the Partner’s core solutions and services.

Value Added Reseller

Organizations that resell, implement and provide first line support for Unit4 software with minimal Unit4 involvement.

Cloud Partner

Businesses that specialise in, and will look to build a capability around, UNIT4 Cloud solutions – that’s Cloud Your Way.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

On premise and cloud Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who embed Unit4 software within their own offering.

What if… the ERP system you offered provided customers with instant value?

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Unit4 offers a new breed of agile ERP that unlocks the potential of employees in service-based organizations. With Unit4, deliver business value right from the start with a system that combines core functionality for systems of record with best-of-breed applications for systems of engagement.

Deployed as a flexible Cloud Your Way, you can provide faster implementation, better functional fit and process flexibility, with built-in industry and process capabilities.

Why Unit4

As a Unit4 partner, you can offer customers a people-centric ERP solution that delivers a seamless digital experience. In an accelerated business climate where new levels of productivity and engagement are a must-have for organizations, software that empowers their employees is the foundation of success. We offer the only Tier 1 cloud ERP alternative, with capabilities tailored for professional services and public sector agencies.

This means instead of billing time, training staff and fulfilling change orders with an ERP designed for machines, you can unlock the potential of human capital. Deliver fast business results to your customers and build a lasting relationship as a trusted strategic advisor. It’s the best way to move up the value chain while remaining focused on your firm’s core strengths.