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Why you need to enhance people experience to improve the customer experience

Posted by  Unit4 Communications

Improving the customer experience is key to the success of your public sector organization, but if your people are struggling with the admin-heavy processes of internal legacy systems, how can they deliver it?

As customers, taxpayers expect a more joined-up service from all layers of government. And as governments become more digitally mature, says Deloitte Insights’ Government Trends 2020 report, this increased focus on customer experience (Cx) will become the “cornerstone” of their success.

However, if your people are struggling with repetitive admin tasks and inadequate data management inherent in outdated technology systems, they will find it hard to improve Cx, and deliver excellent citizen services.

The value of People Experience

Organizationally, using legacy systems translates to higher admin costs and ongoing maintenance costs while inhibiting digital transformation. But, in the people-centered public sector, there’s something even more urgent, and that’s something we call People Experience (PX).

Digital transformation is about more than just technology, it's about people. So, while modernizing your enterprise systems will help you transform digitally and improve Cx, it should also transform the experience of work for your people.

PX prioritizes human impact through flexible software that’s purpose-built for public sector organizations. By automating and transforming work with ERP and integrated systems like human capital management (HCM), you are simplifying and reducing repetitive, non-value-added tasks for your people.

This enables your employees to focus on meaningful work, which makes a difference to their lives. People-focused enterprise software makes work more rewarding, productive and inspiring, which empowers your employees. The rewards are improved employee engagement, productivity and retention.

The right systems help your people work smarter, remain more engaged and adapt more easily to change. When you better serve your people in this way, you improve engagement and performance, while boosting your ability to attract and retain the best talent. You also reduce admin costs and improve organizational efficiency.

Looking ahead

One of the nine public sector predictions for 2020 by Mark Gibbison was that as artificial intelligence (AI) and rising staff expectations impact public sector workforces, more organizations are investing in the right technology that makes work easier for their staff, through better talent management and an enhanced PX.

The result is a wealth of benefits, including improved Cx for the people you serve — taxpayers.

To learn more, watch this on-demand webinar.

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