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How to do more with less in public sector

Posted by  Mark Gibbison

Public sector organisations are held to high standards. But maintaining these standards isn’t easy when funding sources are dwindling, budgets are under pressure and spending restrictions are in place. Institutional bodies need a solution that enables them to stretch their available funds — and they need it fast.

It’s not an easy time for public sector organisations. Financial resources are less readily available than a few years ago, while demand for support is on the rise. This has created a difficult situation in which many public sector organizations are having to do more with less, and standards can suffer as a result.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With challenge comes opportunity and in the case of public sector, this opportunity is enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology. Organisations might not have as much funding as they’d like, but with the right support, they can make what resources they do have stretch further.

Empowering people to add value

It might seem illogical to invest in a new piece of technology when budgets are tight, but ERP software can enhance many aspects of public sector operations.

For example, a huge amount of time and energy is wasted on admin. The right ERP system can provide digital features that streamline and automate low-value tasks, enabling people to contribute with greater productivity and creativity.

It’s not just administrative features that a good ERP platform offers. The leading software solutions include agile business applications, to enable digital transformation within public sector. By bringing all interactions and transactions into one, central place, organisations can generate advanced data insights, which evaluate exactly what is being spent across their organisation, and the impact it is having.

Armed with this information, senior personnel will have greater visibility of financial activity across their remit, and they can allocate funds or restrict spending appropriately, to make sure that investment translates into results. The benefit of this approach also extends to managerial staff, as mid-level employees and team leaders can take greater autonomy over their decision-making processes and the way their budget is spent.

Improving transparency

While the major benefit of operational transformation is being able to do more with less, investing in ERP technology has an important impact on customer service and support standards.

One of the problems public sector organisations face is a lack of trust among the community; people can see money going in, but they don’t always understand where it is going out. By digitising working processes, organisations can increase transparency, documenting how public funds are being spent.

Improving transparency will also enable organisations to demonstrate the smarter, more effective ways they are investing their budget to keep up with demands on  services from the public, staff and regulatory agencies. And with proof of spending clearly laid out, they can commit clear budget to increasing the range, quality and convenience of the services they offer.

Doing more with less

Many public sector organisations struggle when it comes to balancing budgets with expectations, but strategic technology investment can provide them with a welcome route out of this difficult scenario.

ERP software enables public institutions to align data, digital services and IT strategies in order to modernise organisational processes and structures. By putting technology at the heart of their operation, insights are centrally derived, people are empowered in their decision-making, and the public receive statistically validated rationale.

This is the approach that is needed if organisations want to more effectively allocate resources to frontline service, and also respond to fast-pace changes behind the scene. It’s the approach needed to do more with less.
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Mark Gibbison