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Digital transformation in higher education — the cost of doing nothing

Posted by  Austin Laird

An ERP and/or SIS upgrade project may appear intimidating, complicated and costly, but have you considered the cost of the alternative: doing nothing?

Upgrading or replacing your legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and student information system (SIS) solutions can seem daunting and cost-prohibitive, especially when you’re working with limited resources, challenging competitive environments and changing requirements. But have you taken the time to calculate the cost of doing nothing?

The annual cost of maintaining legacy systems is often much higher than you think. The effects are felt indirectly by your students, and directly by your people as they struggle to boost student success with inadequate data, inflexible technology systems and outdated processes.

Understand your business value

With Unit4’s Business Value Tool, we can help you identify the actual benefits of replacing your legacy ERP and SIS solutions while calculating the cost of doing nothing, in about 60 minutes.

We can help you understand what your institution is really worth, which parts are working well, and where we can help you improve.​ With our Business Value Assessment, we provide insight into possible opportunities, potential risks, and areas that require improvement.

Digital transformation is about more than just technology; it's about people first. Upgrading or replacing your enterprise systems will help make your institution more efficient, cost-effective and student-focused. In addition, your employees will be happier and more engaged at work, using systems that don't feel like a digital downgrade. ​

Focus on student success

We want to help you work your way, more efficiently and effectively, so you can deliver the high-quality higher education your students expect.

Our modern cloud solutions are purpose-built for higher education institutions like yours. They help you get more value from administrative technology with less effort, which enables you to optimize your processes, so your people can focus more on student success. ​ As a result, your entire institution will be better prepared for future changes, whether they relate to student demographics, delivery models, fee structures, or reporting requirements. ​

The value of People Experience

Digital transformation can be the strategy to help your institution stay ahead of the competition by helping your people work smarter and be more engaged while adapting easily to change, instead of having to reset their skillset or reprogram their systems.

​Let us help you find more time and money to improve your people experience so they can deliver an exceptional student experience. We’ll help you develop and make the business case for replacing your legacy systems with modern cloud solutions that work for you.​

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Austin Laird

Austin has been a part of the higher education industry for over 20 years, in a wide range of roles from a university registrar assistant to product manager and industry technology strategist. Prior to Unit4, he held multiple pre-sales, product and leadership roles at Oracle, including Global Director, Education & Research Technology. Austin joined Unit4’s Higher Education team in 2018 as product director for Unit4 Student Management.