Unit4 PSA Suite –
professional services automation to boost your performance and profits

Unit4 PSA Suite offers a full end-to-end solution for Professional Services Organizations or service divisions in other sectors. Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, it is pre-tailored for a range of key industries and enables efficient joined-up working across the front- and back-office, so your people can focus on what really matters to your organization and deliver superior project management and service to your clients.


In today’s fast-changing and very challenging business conditions, new technology is both an opportunity and a threat. Customer expectations grow ever higher, business models are constantly evolving and competitors always ready to seize opportunities you neglect. Your organization’s future depends on how well you can harness the latest advances in enterprise applications, to stay ahead of the competition and to give your teams the edge they need to win new contracts, retain valuable clients and provide consistently excellent service.


Unit4 PSA Suite offers you a new type of enterprise application. One that’s powered by data and intelligence and that breaks down the barriers between Sales, Services and Finance.

Its key capabilities include helping your teams to:
Grow new business win rates | Optimize resource utilization | Achieve revenue and margin targets | Shorten the funnel-to-cash cycle


You will experience the benefits of having one source of truth with a 360-degree view of your customers and each engagement. Our solution enables you to keep track of all client interactions; book time and expenses on the go, so that budgets can be properly managed and billable time doesn’t leak away; create new opportunities and cases and seamlessly convert them into projects; manage ongoing projects and maintain visibility of business performance thanks to flexible forecasting; and get all of this in one single solution in the cloud.

A complete end-to-end PSA solution

An overview of the end-to-end project lifecycle support offered by the Unit4 PSA Suite solution

Unit4 PSA Suite helps you manage your entire business: from the first client contact through to invoice and cash collection.

  • Win more business
    Grow new business win rates and client profitability with more accurate proposals based on past project success.
  • Execute profitable projects
    Achieve revenue and margin targets with 360-degree visibility and control of project plan, schedule, cost and budget.
  • Optimize resource utilization
    Attract the best talent and attain optimal utilization rates by synchronizing availability, requests, allocations and project backlog.
  • Bill with precision
    Self-driving timesheets help shorten the service to cash cycle with fast invoicing and tight cash collection control.

Building customer success

Unit4 PSA Suite with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – supporting digital transformation at BDO

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One combined solution from Microsoft and Unit4 is ideal for us…Unit4 PSA Suite becomes the basis of our 360-degree customer view, which is vital to our future success

Marcel Donkers, Head of IT

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Time for a change

BDO is a leading global accountancy and business advisory firm that differentiates itself by working with clients to give them new perspectives. It offers a fresh angle on clients’ business, plus a unique combination of local market knowledge, an international network, personal service and a professional approach. Applying this philosophy to its own business, the firm recognized that its existing in-house-developed, customized solution was no longer meeting the demands of the organization.

A better way to work

Unit4’s cloud PSA Suite provides the firm with a simpler out-of-the-box solution, including pre-built content, designed specifically for how Accountancy firms and their people work. Because PSA Suite is built on Microsoft's CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics 365, BDO’s teams also benefit from having all the information about customers, projects and finances across their systems on a single platform.

Delivering for BDO's people

BDO’s digital transformation is making business processes simpler, less time-consuming and more consistent.

The firm can now quickly and easily deploy and scale the solution to support its current and future teams.

BDO’s professionals gain a full 360-degree customer view to make good decisions that benefit BDO and its clients.

What our customers say...

Over 20,000 people worldwide are using our software solutions, and their opinions give us a great idea of what is working and what we should develop next. We have asked our users to share their views not just with us, but also with you.

In this series of Skype interviews, you can discover why organizations from all over the world chose Unit4 PSA Suite, how they use the solution and how it has benefited them.

Hear about their experiences with PSA Suite and what it could do for you, your people and your organization.

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