Unit4 Financials –
best-in-class global financial management and accounting solution

Unit4 Financials is our best-in-class global financial management and accounting software solution. It streamlines the ways you bring in and work with all the financial data from across your organization and business systems. With Financials, your people gain a single real-time version of the truth plus the time, tools and insights to put financial intelligence to work for your organization’s success.


Today’s organizations – especially people- or service-centered ones – operate in an environment that is changing more quickly and radically than ever before. Insular legacy systems with modular ledgers, static manual processes and limited reporting capabilities are just not up to these challenges. From disruptive business models…to shifting regulations…to constantly evolving technology, it all adds up to an urgent need for a financial management solution that can cope with today’s complexities and keep growing and adapting with you.


Unit4 Financials combines a unified ledger, flexible accounting structure, efficient processes, smart scalability and easy integration to deliver real-time, “multi-everything” financial visibility and control.

Its key capabilities include:
Accounting | Procurement | Billing | Asset Management


Unit4 Financials helps get data into the system more quickly with streamlined and automated finance processes. And getting intelligence out is just as fast, so your people can make the best decisions, based on real-time financial visibility. Our solution also adapts to your organization’s specific needs and situation – you stay in control and able to change your financial structures at any time and to seamlessly integrate Financials with your other key business systems. The result is that you and your teams can deliver better efficiency, consistency, and accuracy to ensure compliance and support future business success.

No compromise financial management

The Unit4 Financials suite covers the full range of your organization’s core financial management requirements:

  • Single ledger…
    Unit4 Financials’ single ledger financial model allows changes to be made efficiently and consistently in one area – without requiring reconciliation – so it provides real-time financial information that is always in balance.
  • …Multi-everything…
    Our multi-dimensional (country, company, currency, GAAP, language, deployment, product line…) capabilities provide infinite ways to classify, measure, and analyze your business but still maintain global consistency, visibility and control.
  • …Interoperable
    Easy, cost-effective integration so you can have the very best in financial management and keep adding value to your specialized systems without affecting them or being affected when those need to be changed or replaced.

An overview of the elements that make up the Unit4 Financial management solution ecosystem

Building customer success

Leading retailer Screwfix boosts invoice processing by 35% with Unit4 Financials

Screwfix logo



Rather than just increase headcount to cope, we wanted a better way of capturing and approving invoices…We also wanted to eliminate other types of paper handling and make cost savings and productivity gains

Richard Shoteh, Finance Systems & Compliance Manager

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Time for a change

Screwfix is one of the UK’s fastest growing retailers, employing almost 8,000 people, opening hundreds of stores in recent years, expanding into Europe and selling 25,000 products.

It recognized that rapid expansion was placing huge demands on the business but also that it could not allow its processes to become an obstacle to achieving its goals. In particular, it needed a sustainable solution to processing ever-increasing numbers of invoices, beyond perpetually increasing headcount.

A better way to work

Unit4 Financials captures and matches invoices with purchase orders within an integrated finance and procurement system.

It was a great match for Screwfix’s immediate needs and to support its growth ambitions. It can be implemented seamlessly and new companies can be set up at the click of a button to provide the flexibility to accommodate the rapid pace of expansion.

Delivering for Screwfix's people

The expansion in the UK and Ireland and into Germany was achieved without any impact on the finance operation.

The new system successfully coped with a 35% increase in invoice levels and even reduced the time and resources needed.

Users “own” the solution to make immediate updates and system changes – no need for maintenance- or service-packs.

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