Unit4 Student Management –
a new-generation student information system
for the next generation of institutions; available today

Unit4 Student Management enables your institution to automate the entire student lifecycle – from recruitment to alumni. It harnesses the latest technology to deliver a new generation software experience for your people. Your students can stay connected, access necessary resources and use your systems with the ease they expect from today’s technology. Your staff can focus on what really matters – equipping your students for a better future – instead of tedious and distracting admin tasks.


Institutions are being held back by legacy student information systems (SISs), which are outdated, brittle and overly complex.

With aging underlying architecture that doesn’t support agility, legacy systems have also often become highly customized and inefficient. As a result, they’re expensive to maintain and upgrade, and they struggle to support new program delivery and business models – a situation that today’s institution simply can’t afford.


Unit4 Student Management offers you a new-generation SIS that is scalable, purpose-built for higher education institutions like yours and supports staff and students throughout every stage of the student lifecycle.

Its key capabilities support your day-to-day processes including:
Admissions | Academics | Financial Aid | Billing | Communications | Reporting | Analytics | System Management


Our future-proofed solution is designed for a fast-changing world, where mobile-enabled tools, dashboards and intuitive interfaces are ubiquitous – and expected. As well as engaging with students and staff more effectively, it helps your institution modernize processes, maximize productivity and improve efficiency, while building in accountability and transparency.
The result? More space:
For students to learn and grow | For faculty and staff to support and inspire them.

SIS built for tomorrow – available today

With Unit4 Student Management, you can streamline and automate the entire student lifecycle from outreach/prospect to alumni.

  • Admissions
    Manage the whole recruitment process from the prospect stage all the way through to admissions.
  • Academics
    • Curriculum management – proactively and flexibly manage and add new curricula, with version control.
    • Student records – gain a complete 360-degree-view of the student, including course enrollments, progression, etc.
    • Academic advising – help advisors identify at-risk students and advise alternative pathways with degree shopping.

An overview of the elements that make up the Unit4 Student Management solution

  • Financial Aid
    Manage and automate your financial aid and scholarships.
  • Billing
    Perform all fee-generating transactions securely and confidently, resting safe in the knowledge that no bills or payments will be missed.
  • Analytics
    Baked-in analytics dashboards enable your institution to visualize, understand and work with the key data that is relevant to you.
  • Communication
    Automate communication with students as well as faculty and staff members with interaction plans and rulesets in the Communication module.

Building customer success

Unit4 Student Management – delivering on the Student Journey Transformation at Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University logo



Working with Unit4, we’re confident this partnership will – through a phased and managed approach – deliver future-proofed, enabling capability and flexibility for both the University and our students.

Andrew Kemp, Transformation Director

Read the customer success story

Innovation powered by the Microsoft platform

Unit4 Student Management embeds the platform technologies of Microsoft Azure to deliver the latest technologies on a highly secure, scalable and reliable cloud.

Unit4 is a Certified Microsoft Education Partner. Together, we bring winning capabilities to campuses around the world. Advanced Microsoft technologies – such as Cortana analytics, machine learning, and bot framework – are built in, to make the system self-driving.

Have you met Wanda, Unit4’s digital assistant? With Wanda, students and staff interact with Unit4 Student Management through a friendly text or voice chatbot. Admissions, financial aid, course transfers – no matter what, ask and Wanda does it for you.

Looking ahead, the Microsoft Azure platform ensures that schools can automatically leverage new and exciting developments that support student success and institutional effectiveness.

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