Unit4 Prevero –
integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting software

Make better, faster business decisions with total confidence in your numbers. Simple to use and amazing in detail, Prevero integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions will empower confidence and trust when business-critical decisions are needed.


When planning, budgeting and forecasting processes are decentralized, fragmented, and manual, they get in the way of what your teams could and should be doing to drive the success of your organization. Finance Managers should be more available to make sense of the numbers and act as true business partners and advisors; Budget Holders should have the resources, insights and support to plan more efficiently, continuously optimize performance and evaluate new opportunities.


Working from one consistent platform, Unit4 Prevero enables you to control all planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes in a scalable and flexible way.

Its key capabilities include:
Integrated financial planning | Strategy management |
Risk & opportunity management.


Our smarter, more integrated approach to planning, budgeting, and forecasting is quicker and more reliable – freeing your teams’ time, transforming your financial management with error-free, automated processes and improved collaboration. When everyone works together, from a single set of facts and more granular data, it’s much easier to explore multiple scenarios, spot underlying trends or patterns and identify how, why, where and when risks or growth opportunities are emerging.

Key capabilities

  • Integrated financial planning

    Whether you’re planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting sales, costs and revenue, Prevero’s integrated approach offers the power and flexibility you need.

    Key processes include:

    • Financial planning
    • Rolling forecasts
    • Profitability analysis
    • Sales and revenue planning
    • HR planning

  • Strategy management

    Prevero offers dedicated tools for strategic planners to gain the insights they need and to evaluate the best options, in the most relevant timescales and levels of detail.

    Key processes include:

    • Long-term planning
    • Top-down, mid-term planning
    • Scenario comparison
    • Balanced scorecarding
    • Role- and industry-focused CPM add-ons for:
      • Financial Management
      • Professional Services
      • Public Services
      • Not for Profit

  • Risk & opportunity management

    Prevero enables you to evaluate the many different types of risk that your organization faces, in order to make them an integral part of controlling and financial management.

    Key processes include:

    • Risk assessment
    • Risk evaluation
    • Risk monitoring and reporting
    • Cause and effect chain modeling.


Building customer success

Leading financial services provider Swiss Life gains a transparent and sustainable approach to cost planning with Unit4 Prevero



The quality of our forecast noticeably increased with Prevero. At the push of a button, we can carry out our planning fast and comfortably, generate reports and perform analyses.

Oliver Hagstotz, Capital Investment Controller


Read the customer success story

Time for a change

This leading financial advisory and insurance company is based in Germany and employs over 3000 people. It offers a broad portfolio of innovative products and services related to long-term savings and protection.

After making a critical evaluation of its management accounting process, structure and workflows, it was clear that the existing cost planning solution was no longer fit for purpose. Swiss Life needed a smarter solution, ready to meet both its current and future needs.

A better way to work

The Prevero solution stood out as a perfect fit for Swiss Life’s requirements. Implementation was rapid, and adoption was boosted by the ease with which even non-IT-specialist users could tailor it to the business and to regulatory requirements.

This was all underpinned by our team’s commitment and collaborative approach – working in partnership to refine the solution design, overcome challenges and create a highly effective cost planning solution with maximum flexibility.

Delivering for Swiss Life's people

Users gain powerful, easy-to-use tools that mean they can achieve great results without needing expert IT knowledge or support.

Greater transparency delivers clearer insights, a shared understanding of issues, exchange of ideas and swifter solutions.

The improved quality of forecasting and planning drives better-informed decisions and management for all levels of the business.

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