Unit4 Prevero –
advanced financial consolidation and reporting software

With Prevero, you can streamline and strengthen financial performance processes and put accurate group-wide financial data to work – as the foundation for integrated strategy planning, business planning and financial budgeting, to drive future performance.


A range of factors come together to make financial consolidation and management accounting a complex, time-consuming and risk-laden process. These include the challenges of multiple (often incompatible) source ERP and Finance systems, as well as other variables, such as distance, languages, currencies and accounting rules. Finance teams need a smarter, integrated solution to help deliver smooth intercompany reconciliation, faster closing and a well-managed audit process.


Prevero helps you deliver statutory or management consolidation. It modernizes your consolidation process, removes manual, error-prone data entry and shortens the close cycle.

Its key capabilities include:
Input, reconciliation and control | Legal and management consolidation | Reporting and analysis.


Our approach helps your teams get past the complexities of consolidation and frees them for more valuable work. You gain a fast, accurate and secure way to consolidate figures from across the group, coping easily with multiple currencies and languages, as well as internal divisions and their reciprocal transactions. Your finance professionals and decision-makers can then make sense of that bigger, clearer picture to model options, plan ahead and turn your strategies into actions.

Key capabilities

  • Input, reconciliation and control

    Prevero makes intercompany reconciliation easier, by handing back control to the entities themselves throughout the fiscal year. The solution automatically matches transactions so that your people can focus exclusively on any discrepancies detected.

    Key features include:

    • Automated import from various ERP systems.
    • Web services integration and smart mapping from Unit4 Business World and Unit4 Financials.
    • Free allocation within the group chart of accounts and flows.
    • Customizable and multi-lingual web-based data entry for reporting packages or additional disclosures.
    • Built-in process for the prior reconciliation and approval of intercompany transactions, based on functional currencies.
    • Workflow with status monitor and validation checks for full process control.
    • Audit trail and automatic consolidation process, including journalization and drill-down capabilities.

  • Unit4 Prevero – the consolidation system that thinks like you do.
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    Our solution has been created by people who are actually responsible for the consolidation process. Thanks to their insights and experience, it follows a clear workflow and helps you and your subsidiaries to import and collect information in a reliable, efficient and very user-friendly way.

    Key features include:

    • Pre-defined consolidation with automatic aggregations and eliminations.
    • Currency conversion using closing, average and historical exchange rates.
    • Consolidation covering both IFRS and local GAAPs.
    • Visual and user-friendly consolidation workflow with predefined and customizable controls and consolidation rules.

  • Reporting and analysis

    Our solution’s powerful report generator and dashboard designer ensures that your reports and graphs are properly displayed, and dedicated analysis features will help you to pinpoint any significant changes.

    Key features include:

    • Multi-dimensional and flexible legal and management reporting.
    • Integration of graphs, graphical analysis and dashboards.
    • MS Office integration, giving additional reporting capabilities directly from Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
    • Pre-defined data values (e.g. monthly, accumulated, quarterly, rolling) and pre-defined workflow steps (e.g. reporting package, intercompany elimination, acquisition control, group adjustments, consolidated value).
    • IFRS reporting template including predefined disclosures and cash flow statements.


Building customer success

Leading aircraft equipment manufacturer Diehl Aviation has gained a “cockpit” for consolidation and comprehensive planning with Unit4 Prevero



The solution has saved a lot of time, especially in follow-up planning. For example, depreciation planning, after preparing the investment plan, could take several days in Excel. Today, we just press the proverbial button and the result is available within seconds, in any degree of detail.

Andreas Zinkel, Head of Finance, Controlling and Reporting

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