Unit4 Business World –
people-centered cloud ERP

Unit4 Business World is a uniquely people-centered cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution. It delivers a fully integrated suite of enterprise applications and technologies that improve people’s daily work lives by reducing or even removing lower-value admin tasks. This enables users to refocus their energies on more worthwhile, more fulfilling activities. Business World boosts institutional effectiveness and promotes financial transparency. It is easy to deploy, highly adaptable when business-needs change, and less expensive to maintain than traditional “production-centered” ERP systems.


We live in an era of rapid technological and business change. Customer expectations grow ever higher, and the way we all operate and compete is being turned upside down. But one thing remains constant for service-centered organizations: your people are still the key to continued success. So, you need an ERP that frees them to excel – for themselves and for your organization to achieve its goals.


Unit4 Business World helps you unlock your teams’ potential to tackle fresh challenges and seize new opportunities.

Its key capabilities include:
Financials | Procurement | Project Management
HR and Payroll | Field Service Management.


You can liberate your staff to be more productive, more creative, more engaged and more successful at their work. Best-practice-led, automated processes improve your organization’s efficiency, accuracy, consistency and compliance. New technologies and smarter data handling offer you new ways to solve complex problems and real-time insights to make better-informed plans and decisions.

Building customer success

Postgraduate specialist, Cranfield University, saves £1m on annual IT costs with Unit4 Business World.

Cranfield University logo


“The beauty of installing these Unit4 solutions is that we can use our own internal implementation staff. We don’t have to hire or pay for the usual software vendor army of highly priced, external ERP consultants.”

Ian Sibbald, Director of Finance


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Time for a change

Cranfield is one of the top five research-intensive universities in the UK and has a reputation for global academic excellence and financial viability. Like educational institutions around the world, Cranfield faces massive ongoing change from multiple directions: rising student tuition fees, escalating external funding requirements, new hardware and software-related technology needs, management/process re-organizations and increasing budget/economic pressures to name just a few.

A better way to work

We not only worked as partners to provide the right software capabilities but, crucially, helped Cranfield to take genuine ownership of its solutions. 
Despite major shifts in its funding, fees and technical requirements, Cranfield University can control costs, achieve ongoing annual savings, streamline operations and drive efficiency and governance – thanks to easy-to-change, “do-it-yourself” solutions from Unit4.

Delivering for Cranfield's people

The team no longer needs external and ancillary IT resources, to implement and adapt the system to change.

Supported by Business World, Cranfield was able to evaluate and undertake a major campus consolidation.

Finance staff can access the information they need and deliver reports using any device, from any location, and at any time.

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