Working with partners

Working with partners

At Unit4, we understand that our customers’ competitiveness and success can depend upon having fully integrated, end-to-end systems to support their people and processes.

Being able to combine core business software with additional line-of-business and operational systems delivers a single, clear, complete picture of how the organization is performing.

To ensure the best possible outcome for our customers, Unit4 adopts a partnership approach to deliver optimized solutions. It's also the reason that we work with a range of different partners to add value to our solution offerings and to deliver extra benefit to our customers, prospective customers and partners' businesses. A number of our partners have built a capability around Unit4 Cloud solutions.

Partners in success

  • Critical factors

    We take the selection of our partners very seriously, with the critical factors being:

    • Sector or functional experience and knowledge.
    • Ability to extend the reach of our solutions.
    • Quality of solution and service.


    Critical factors
  • Mutual benefits

    Key to the success of Unit4's many partnerships is that they are all based on mutual benefit between Unit4, the partner and – of course – our shared customers.

    • Partners complement Unit4 solutions and competencies with strong domain expertise, offering customers the best of both.
    • Our partnerships can help spread the message further that Unit4 offers the best enterprise applications for people-centric organizations.
    • Partnerships help customers that prefer to buy new solutions via an existing partner or trusted advisor, to capitalize on their established business relationships.
    Mutual benefits
  • Value proposition

    We enter into partnerships in order to offer added value to our customers, as well as mutual benefit for each other:

    • Organizations face one business constant – change! Thanks to Unit4’s more flexible and agile approach to ERP, our partners can address this need much more effectively.
    • Unit4’s people-centric solutions recognize the high importance and value of staff, enabling partners to deliver services that help customers get the best from their teams.

    Together, we can offer the best mix of focused solutions and services for today’s business challenges – creating and delivering them more quickly so that customers can start reaping the benefits sooner.


    Value proposition

The Unit4 partner ecosystem

The Unit4 partner ecosystem

The Unit4 partner ecosystem is comprised of local market niche providers, regional specialists and global consultancies and outsourcing experts.

Our global network of partner organizations includes SI & BPO partners; VAR partners; OEM partners; ISV partners; Referral partners; Strategic Advisory partners; Recruitment partners and Training partners.

The Unit4 partner program

No organization can succeed in isolation. That’s why Unit4 takes a collaborative approach no matter whether your focus is on Systems Integration, business process outsourcing or ‘as a service’ activities, or you’re a value-added reseller. Our goal is to help you provide higher-value services to your customers in services-based organizations and public sectors.

Traditional ERP systems require time for processing change orders and doing low-margin programming. Instead of that, with Unit4 ERP, you can use the same time and available budgets to provide customers with more capabilities and value-based outcomes, and earn opportunities to provide lasting strategic guidance.

The Unit4 partner program

Featured Partner

Unit4’s partnership with Capgemini enables our customers to transform core business operations and rapidly adapt to ever-changing marketplaces, in a cost-effective manner and without disruption.

  • The challenges

    Inefficient back-office processes impair results.

    Today’s companies are facing multiple challenges that make it harder to gain a competitive advantage:

    • spending more time and money away from the customer, due to rising costs and inefficiencies
    • inability to scale quickly to grow and expand the business
    • existing finance and accounting structures that are stifling innovation
    • difficulty scaling back quickly in some areas when times and conditions change
    • difficulty managing a new entity and achieving clear control and compliance without disrupting operations.
  • Why Unit4 and Capgemini?

    Unit4 is a software expert providing a market-leading ERP application; Capgemini is a preeminent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) player. Collaborating with us, together, can help your company streamline processes and optimize key operations, so that your teams are free to concentrate on your core business.

    Our partnership enables large enterprises to access more agile and flexible solutions to support their HR, procurement and finance and accounting processes, responding to the growing demand for more consumable ERP in the cloud, and the need for customer digital transformation.

    Read the The Capgemini and Unit4 partnership announcement.

  • Our solution

    Our partnership draws on Capgemini’s BPO-as-a-Stack offering and leverages a BPOaaS solution that includes Unit4 Business World, to address customer challenges more efficiently, optimize total cost of service and reduce implementation and delivery risk. The enhanced solution enables customers to:

    • rapidly and easily address business challenges
    • optimize and predict total cost of service (cost shifts from CAPEX to OPEX)
    • reduce implementation and delivery risk (compared to standalone offerings)
    • encourage top-line growth
    • access future-proof and scalable solutions that are more reliable and insightful
    • integrate acquisitions and enable disinvestments more easily.
  • BPO-as-a-Stack

    “BPO-as-a-Stack” is Capgemini’s Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solution to facilitate growth and reduce operations cost.

    The “assemble-to-order” solution comprises an integrated mix of layers including services, processes, applications and infrastructure. By assembling relevant components of the stack to customer order, Capgemini acts as a Service Partner assuring the right selection of components and their integration across the Stack’s four layers. A very different approach to the traditional multi-tower approach, with multiple vendors, Capgemini helps customers achieve reduced total cost of service, while minimizing the implementation and delivery risk to focus on business outcomes.

    Find out more about the Capgemini "BPO-as-a-Stack" approach.

Partner showcase -
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  • “The Unit4 Business World solution fits very well with our focus to provide long-term value to our clients in Eastern Canada.”

    Vincent Bonneau, Executive Vice President at ERP Connex.

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  • "Both BearingPoint and Unit4 are thought leaders in designing and delivering innovative, technology-enabled business solutions and, together, we can create powerful business synergies that deliver real results to our customers.”

    Andrew Montgomery, BearingPoint Ireland Partner

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  • “Our strong position and knowledge of core processes within banking, finance and insurance, combined with Unit4’s market leading solutions, deliver a safe and future-proof choice for these industries.”

    Anne-Cecilie Fagerlie, SVP for EVRY Industries.

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  • "Våra tillväxtambitioner innebär att vi de närmsta åren kommer att komplettera vårt nuvarande erbjudande med både nya produkter och tjänster. Här är partnersamarbeten en förutsättning för att lyckas."

    Jeremias Jansson, Nordenchef på Unit4.

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  • "Unit4’s industry leading solutions combined with our expertise & service offering across all elements of an ERP implementation will deliver considerable value for customers."

    Emma O’Brien, Managing Director at Embridge Consulting

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