Norwegian offshore company DOF invests in new AI system

The need for smarter and faster processes led to DOF’s decision to implement Unit4 Prevero.

Oslo, Norway, 

The DOF Group, with registered offices in Austevoll just outside Bergen, owns and operates a modern fleet of 67 ships and 74 remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV). DOF is a global player providing services to the oil and gas industry. The company works continuously on improvement processes and smart solutions to maintain a competitive advantage in a demanding sector. Introducing new systems and reviewing processes, including those relating to budgeting, forecasting, reporting and scenario-based planning, is one of several improvement projects the DOF Group is conducting. The company has opted for Unit4 Prevero to support them in this work.

Unit4 Prevero will give DOF access to a complete platform that makes planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting work more efficient and smoother. The system uses artificial intelligence to turn complicated data into clear and evident insights. One of the objectives of introducing Unit4 Prevero is to provide better and faster decision support at both operational and strategic levels within the group.

"Prevero gives us a more transparent process, where changes are immediately visible across companies, departments and regions"

Sven-Inge Lillebø, Group Business Process Manager at DOF

“Unit4 Prevero is a tool for streamlining our operations by automating processes that are currently performed manually, so we can spend more time on quality and control. Prevero gives us a more transparent process, where changes are immediately visible across companies, departments and regions. As a result, decision makers in the organization have a better basis for making key decisions across the whole group,” explains Sven-Inge Lillebø, Group Business Process Manager at DOF.

DOF has already had good experiences with the Unit4 Business World system in other parts of its business, and this was instrumental to its selection of the Unit4 solution for CPM (Corporate Performance Management) for improving financial processes. The systems should now be integrated, enabling even more automated processes and smarter planning through artificial intelligence.

“We are very happy and proud that DOF is choosing Prevero to improve system support for planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. These are areas in which we find that many businesses want improved processes and system support. We experience DOF as a very ambitious and forward-leaning customer in terms of leveraging new technology to improve and achieve benefits. Automating the planning processes and using historical data for automated forecasts assisted by artificial intelligence are concrete examples of how Prevero will help DOF,” said Lars Inge Sørlie, Sales Director at Unit4. 

Unit4 will implement the new system at DOF using its own local consultants and in cooperation with its implementation partner, SmartPM.solutions, a leader in the use of artificial intelligence and CPM.

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