Leader in digital showering invests in Unit4 prevero for new business insight

London, UK, 

Unit4, world leader in enterprise systems for services organisations, announces today that Unit4 prevero has been selected by shower specialist, Aqualisa, to help transform its data and information management processes.

Aqualisa will use Unit4 prevero powered by Microsoft Azure cloud to replace their current Excel spreadsheets when it comes to reporting, analysing and forecasting performance data across all channels of its business operations. New insight will support the delivery of new and personalised services to customers.

“The new system will support our people to make confident decisions quickly"

Colin Sykes, Chief Operating Officer, Aqualisa

“Having real-time access to key performance indicators such as sales by channel, customer, product data and even gross profit by SKU, is imperative if we are to build on our success and maintain our market leading position. Quality data is fundamental and it was proving increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly to extract the performance data we needed from our spreadsheet based processes,” said Colin Sykes, Chief Operating Officer, Aqualisa. “The new system will support our people to make confident decisions quickly which is important in such a competitive industry where customer service can be a differentiator.”

“We are keen to support Aqualisa on their data digitalisation journey. Today, technologies such as Unit4 prevero provide a level of detailed business insights and informed, real-time decision making that was just not possible before.  We look forward to a successful partnership and to working alongside Aqualisa in the coming weeks and months,” said Alice Allegrini, UK MD for Unit4 prevero.

Aqualisa will focus initially on using Unit4 prevero to better understand where and how it makes its margins, by product and channel so it can customize its services and optimise income. It is expected to increase people productivity in the business, and will support many business-critical functions in the future such as monthly reporting, budgeting, payroll tracking, and expense tracking.

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