Excelsior College, Unit4 Partner on New Platform to Support Student Success

St. Louis, MO, 

Unit4, a world leader in student management systems for higher education, today announced a partnership with Excelsior College to replace the institution’s fiscal and student information systems with an integrated cloud solution.   

Through this strategic partnership, Unit4’s Business World ERP and Student Management solutions will optimize and simplify Excelsior’s core business processes and services to boost the overall effectiveness of the College and create a seamless student experience for its 32,000 learners. For Excelsior, Unit4 represents a marked step toward enhancing the student and employee experience and improving management practices. The transition is anticipated to be completed by winter 2019.  

Unit4’s modern cloud solutions will enable Excelsior to: 

  • Improve collaboration and planning, automate processes, and lessen the administrative burden on staff 
  • Empower admission counselors, academic advisors, and success coaches to problem-solve, access universal data, and deliver highly responsive support 
  • Allow researchers and analysts to leverage analytics to predict student success, target interventions, and evaluate academic programs 
  • Create centralized processes and data repositories to bridge workplace silos and make data-informed management decisions 
  • Quickly adapt to regulatory changes 
  • Better manage contracts, projects, track revenues/expenditures, and forecast 

"Unit4's solution sets the foundation for future growth.”

Jim Lettko, COO, Excelsior

“This transition represents an alignment of our people, process, and technology for the first time in the College’s history,” said Jim Lettko, COO, Excelsior. “We are seeking a technology system to help us manage resources and empower our staff to be more innovative and strategic. With Unit4, we have a solution that will allow us to be more agile, make data-driven decisions, and create a collaborative culture of student service. It sets the foundation for future growth.”  

Excelsior, an online non-profit institution based in Albany, New York, is home to more than 32,000 students and offers more than 40 academic degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, plus certificate programs. It will benefit from the strength Unit4’s cloud-based system offers in supporting new academic models and leaders in delivering the future of learning to support the future at work.    

About Excelsior College 

Excelsior College (excelsior.edu) is a regionally accredited, nonprofit online college focused on helping adults complete their degrees and advance their careers. The College contributes to the development of a diverse, educated, and career-ready society by valuing lifelong learning with an emphasis on serving individuals historically underrepresented in higher education. Founded in 1971, Excelsior meets students where they are – academically and geographically – removing obstacles to the educational goals of adults pursuing continuing education and degree completion. Our pillars include innovation, flexibility, academic excellence, and integrity. Learn more at excelsior.edu. 

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