Unit4 – a technology company that is in business for people.

People are at the heart of the organizations we serve. We’ve been providing software systems since the early 1980s, to meet their challenges and unlock their potential.

And we’ve kept listening and learning, as those needs evolve...

We harness the best in new technology – not only to help service-focused organizations be more efficient and productive but, crucially, to deliver a better People Experience, so every working day is better for each person. 

The result? People can spend more time on the meaningful, purposeful work, that makes them feel valued and fulfilled – where they make the most difference.

  • Professional Services firms can provide more added value to clients, without added cost.

  • Public Services organizations can spend more time looking after their citizens.

  • Higher Education institutions can focus on producing brilliant students.

  • Non-Profits can turn more funds into positive impacts for the people they exist to help.



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People in Business


  • People Centered

    Unit4 specializes in software solutions for service-focused organizations, whose success depends upon harnessing the experience, talent and time of their people.
    Meeting the needs of people is the starting point for everything we deliver – helping them do what they do best…even better!
  • Innovation

    Unit4’s next generation of enterprise applications harness the latest technology advances – such as machine learning, augmented intelligence, the Internet of Things, digital assistants, Microsoft Azure and “everything-as-a-service” (XaaS) – to get your processes, software and people working together at a whole new level:
    • Processes are streamlined to be seamless, automated and almost invisible
    • Software is enhanced to be personal, intelligent and self-driving
    • People are freed for their best contributions to success: creativity, innovation and passion.
    All of which means more fulfilling roles for your people, enhanced service for your customers and better results for your organization.
  • Rapid Value

    Our approach to implementation is to get customers up and running, self-sufficient and gaining sustained, maximum value from their Unit4 solutions as quickly possible:
    • Delivering the real solution – the Unit4 Implementation Methodology doesn’t just respond to a rigid snapshot of the initial requirements. We work with each customer’s team to keep refining their system design during implementation.
    • Embracing future change – our approach is designed to put each customer in control. We deliver the solution needed at go-live and the knowledge to continually re-configure the system, to respond to evolving business requirements.
    • Faster value delivery – our solutions’ post-implementation agility also underpins even swifter results by implementing with “Value Accelerators” – pre-defined best-practice process descriptions, setup documents, checklists, user guides, test scripts and data migration tools that can be further fine-tuned and built from after go-live.

    Download the Unit4 Delivery Methodology overview

  • Cloud Solutions

    Unit4 offers a very flexible “Cloud at your speed” approach, enabling customers to benefit from the latest cloud advances at the pace and time that best suits their needs.
    Unit4’s Cloud deployment options offer a range of benefits:
    • A choice of pace and model – customers can choose if and when to transition their solutions to the Cloud, all with minimal effort.
    • Even shorter time to value – Cloud solutions are easy to implement and use, with faster implementation times and lower costs
    • Run software everywhere – making software accessible anywhere, anytime, with any device, without delay
    • Ensure business continuity – cloud solution customers benefit from more flexible scalability and disaster recovery, combined with the highest standards of security, compliance and data privacy.
    The cloud is not just an approach to deployment; it is also a platform for innovation. Unit4 partners with Microsoft to harness the latest advances being delivered by Microsoft Azure, which is already enabling ground-breaking developments, such as Unit4’s Digital Assistant, Wanda.

    Download our "Smart way to the Cloud" paper

  • Our Company

    Unit4 is a leading global provider of enterprise applications, empowering people in service organizations. Thousands of organizations – from industries including Professional Services, Public Services, Higher Education and Not for Profit – benefit from our industry-focused solutions, our end-to-end Cloud ERP suite and our best-in-class applications for Financial Management and Performance Management.
    All the things we do and each advance we create are driven by our commitment to make things better for everybody that our business affects.
    Unit4 is in business for people:
    • Why people?
      Human beings and their talent, skills and potential are the scarcest and most valuable resource for future differentiation and growth.
    • How do we do that?
      Using our expertise and years of experience in designing and deploying technology solutions to support people’s productivity.
    • What do we deliver?
      We build people-centered software for service-focused organizations, helping each person to create value for themselves, their organization and their customers.